Terms of Business

Purchase Orders

All sales require full payment prior to dispatch.

All orders are to be in document form, submitted via Email or Fax.

All submitted orders create a binding contract to purchase and once internally processed cannot be altered or cancelled.

An account may be offered to approved customers.

The account terms are “30 days from date of purchase”.

Payment can be made via EFT or Visa / Mastercard.

Dosing Systems Australia Warranty

This warranty reflects the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

Dosing, Metering, Proportioning and Dispensing equipment sold by Dosing Systems Australia are warranted free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of manufacture.

This limited warranty does not apply to (a) hoses; (b) any wear components which have a normal life shorter than one year; or (c) failure or damage caused by chemicals, abrasive materials, corrosion, lightning, improper voltage supply, physical abuse, mishandling or misapplication. This warranty is extended only to the original buyer of equipment sold by Dosing Systems Australia. In the event products are altered or repaired without the prior written approval of Dosing Systems Australia, this warranty will be void.

Prior to any defective products being returned to Dosing Systems Australia’s facility, approval must be given by Dosing Systems Australia. Goods returned are freight prepaid.

Repairs and Service work have a 90 day warranty on the specific works carried out.

Dosing Systems Australia’s warranty does not extend to liability on consequential damages caused by failure of products sold.


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