LMI Milton Roy

    LMI Milton Roy 1 Series

    1 Series

    Solenoid Metering Pump
    240 VAC
    Manual On / Off
    Speed and Stroke Adjustment
    100:1 Turndown
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    U126-281TT1.95.5803/8" PVC1-100 SPMRPM-392
    U146-281TT4.85.5803/8" PVC1-100 SPMRPM-392
    P126-352xi.810.3150¼” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-352
    P136-392xi1.67.61103/8" PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    P146-352xi2.217.3250¼” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-352
    P156-392xi3.87.61103/8" PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    P166-362xi7.63.5503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    P186-362xi121.5223/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    B116-392xi6.110.31503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B126-392xi9.56.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B136-362xi173.5503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    B146-312xi26230½” PVDF small1-100 SPMRPM-312
    B146-2626230½” PVDF large1-100 SPMSP-26
    C106-498xP4.920.7300¼” PVC1-100 SPMRPM-392
    C116-2779.510.3150¼” 316SS1-100 SPM- -
    C126-362xi156.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    C136-312xi304.160½” PVDF small1-100 SPMRPM-312
    C136-26304.160½” PVDF large1-100 SPMSPM-26
    C146-36761.725½” PVDF large1-100 SPMSP-U6
    LMI Milton Roy 7 Series

    7 Series

    Solenoid Metering Pump
    240 VAC
    Manual On/Off
    Pulse 1:1
    Speed and Stroke Adjustment
    100:1 Turndown
    Low Level Indicator
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    P726-352xi.810.3150¼” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-352
    P736-392xi1.67.61103/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    P746-352xi2.217.3250¼” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-352
    P756-392xi3.87.61103/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    P766-362xi7.63.5503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    P786-362xi121.5223/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    B716-392xi6.110.31503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B726-392xi9.56.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B736-362xi173.5503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    B746-312xi26230½” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-312
    C716-362xi9.510.31503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    C726-362xi156.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    C736-312xi304.160½” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    C746-36761.725½” PVC1-100 SPMRPM-312
    C776-26385.580½” PVC1-100 SPMSP-26
    C786-3695230½” PVC1-100 SPMSP-U6
    LMI Milton Roy 9 Series

    9 Series

    Replace (x) with (T) 3FV
    (S) 4FV

    Solenoid Metering Pump
    240 VAC
    Pulse Multiply & Divide
    Remote On / Off
    Speed and Stroke Adjustment
    100:1 Turndown
    Low Level Indicator
    Alarm Output
    Internal & External Control
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    B916-392xi6.110.31503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B926-392xi9.56.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    B936-362xi173.5503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    B946-312xi262303/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-312
    C906-498xP4.920.7300½” PVC1-100 SPMRPM-392
    C916-362xi9.510.31503/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    C926-362xi156.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362
    C936-312xi304.160½” PVDF Small1-100 SPMRPM-362
    C946-36761.725½” PVDF Large1-100 SPMRPM-312

    AD Excel Series

    Manual On-OffPulse Input SignalPulse Input Signal
    LCD Display4-20mA4-20mA
    Start Stop ButtonManual On OffManual On Off
    Low Level IndicatorInt/Ext Mode ButtonBack Lit LCD Display
    Estimated Output DisplayedLCD DisplayRemote On Off
    Dual Voltage   110   240Stop Start ButtonPulse Output
    Low Level IndicatorInt/Ext Mode Button
    Pulse Multiply / DivideStop Start Button
    Estimated OutputLow Level Indicator
    Single Float Level SwitchPulse Multiply / Divide
    Dual Float Level SwitchEstimated Output
    Ext Power Output 24V 25mASingle Float Level Switch
    Universal VoltageDual Float Level Switch
    Ext Power Output 24V 25mA
    Universal Voltage
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    AD216-812xi0.817.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-812
    AD246-822xi1.917.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-822
    AD256-832xi3.87.61103/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-832
    AD266-842xi7.63.5503/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-842
    AD816-812xi0.817.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-812
    AD846-822xi1.917.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-822
    AD856-832xi3.87.61103/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-832
    AD866-842xi7.63.5503/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-842
    AD916-812xi0.817.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-812
    AD946-822xi1.917.2249¼” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-822
    AD956-832xi3.87.61103/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-832
    AD966-842xi7.63.5503/8” PVDF1-120SPMRPM-842

    Slurry Metering Pumps

    Solenoid Metering Pump
    240 VAC
    Flushing Foot Valve
    4-20m A
    Pulse Multiply & Divide
    Manual On Off
    LCD Display
    Speed and Stroke Adjustment
    Low Level Indicator
    Internal & External Mode Button
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedControl MethodService Kit
    B116-896.110.31503/8” Acrylic1-100 SPMManual On/OffSP-89
    B126-899.56.91003/8” Acrylic1-100 SPMManual On/OffSP-89
    B716-896.110.31503/8” Acrylic1-100 SPMPulse 1:1SP-89
    B726-899.56.91003/8” Acrylic1-100 SPMPulse 1:1SP-89
    B916-896.110.31503/8” Acrylic1-100 SPM4-20mA Prop PulseSP-89
    B926-899.56.91003/8” Acrylic1-100 SPM4-20mA Prop PulseSP-89
    C136-2930.14.1601⁄2” Acrylic1-100 SPMManual On/OffSP-29
    C736-2930.14.1601⁄2” Acrylic1-100 SPMPulse 1:1SP-29
    C936-2930.14.1601⁄2” Acrylic1-100 SPM4-20mA Prop PulseSP-29

    High Viscosity Pump

    HV Best Suit Flooded Suction
    cP From 400 – 40,000
    Spring Assisted Suction & Discharge Valves
    1” Suction Lines
    Acrylic Heads
    240 VAC
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarPump MaterialTube Size SuctionTube Size DischargeControl MethodService Kit
    AD246-626VI1.917.2Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffRPM-626
    AD256-636VI3.87.6Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffRPM-636
    AD266-646VI7.63.5Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffRPM-646
    AD846-626VI1.917.2Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1RPM-626
    AD856-636VI3.87.6Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1RPM-636
    AD866-646VI7.63.5Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1RPM-646
    AD946-626VI1.917.2Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseRPM-626
    AD956-636VI3.87.6Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseRPM-636
    AD966-646VI7.63.5Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseRPM-646
    B116-86HV6.110.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-86
    B126-86HV9.56.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-86
    B136-76HV173.4Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-76HV
    B716-86HV6.110.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-86
    B726-86HV9.56.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-86
    B736-76HV173.4Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-76HV
    B916-86HV6.110.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-86
    B926-86HV9.56.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-86
    B936-76HV173.4Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-76HV
    C116-76HV9.510.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-76HV
    C126-76HV15.16.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-76HV
    C136-20HV30.14.1Acrylic1”1⁄2”Manual On/OffSP-20HV
    C716-76HV9.510.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-76HV
    C726-76HV15.16.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-76HV
    C736-20HV30.14.1Acrylic1”1⁄2”Pulse 1:1SP-20HV
    C916-76HV9.510.3Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-76HV
    C926-76HV15.16.9Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-76HV
    C936-20HV30.14.1Acrylic1”1⁄2”4-20mA PulseSP-20HV

    High Pressure Pump

    316 Stainless Steel Liquid End
    70 Bar Maximum Pressure
    ¼” NPTM
    240 VAC
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    HH1 Series
    HH116-987.5213041⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH126-987.38426091⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH136-987.257010151⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH7 Series
    HH716-987.5213041⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH726-987.38426091⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH736-987.257010151⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH9 Series
    HH916-987.5213041⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH926-987.38426091⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987
    HH936-987.257010151⁄4” 316 SS1-100 SPMSP-987

    De-Gassing Chlorine

    De-Gassing Head allows for constant removal of vapours and gasses in chemicals that typically “gas off” such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide

    HH Series
    316 Stainless Steel Liquid End
    70 Bar Maximum Pressure
    1⁄4” NPTM
    240 VAC

    Explosion Proof E7 Series

    Pulse 1:1
    Manual On/Off

    Replace (x) with (T) 3FV (S) 4FV

    Pulse 1:1
    Manual On Off
    Speed and Stroke Adjustment
    100:1 Turndown
    Low Level Indicator
    Internal / External Switch
    Solenoid Metering Pump
    240 VAC
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump Speed
    E702-498(x)P4.920.73001⁄4” PVC1-100 SPM
    E712-362(x)I9.510.31493/8” PVDF1-100 SPM
    E722-362(x)I15.16.91003/8” PVDF1-100 SPM
    E732-312(x)I30.04.1591⁄2” PVDF1-100 SPM
    E742-3676.01.7241⁄2” PVC Large Bore1-100 SPM

    LMI Milton Roy J Series 12 Volt

    Replace (x) with (T) 3FV (S) 4FV

    Manual On Off
    12 Volt DC
    LMI ModelMax LPHMax BarMax PsiPump MaterialPump SpeedService Kit
    J54D-352(x)I1.69.71401⁄4” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-352
    J55D-392(x)I3.84.1603/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-392
    J56D-362(x)I7.61.4203/8” PVDF1-100 SPMRPM-362

    Excel XR

    Stepper Motor
    Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm
    Two Way Communication - Remote
    NEMA 4X/IP 65 housing
    Injection: 0.023 to 68 l/hr
    Accuracy: +/- 1% over 1000:1 turndown
    Liquid Ends: PP PVDF 316L
    Multi Voltage


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