By-Pass Fertigation

A Dosmatic or MixRite water driven injector plumbed into a by-pass configuration where only a small portion of the water flow drives the injector.

This configuration enables large flows of water to be injected proportionally with a cost effective relatively small injector.

If absolute accuracy is not required this system will apply liquid fertilizer through the irrigation system over large acreages.

This system can also be used to incorporate chlorine or acids as storage tanks are filled from dam or ground water.

A gate valve is positioned in the main irrigation pipework. As the Gate valve is slightly closed a small portion of water is diverted through the Dosmatic or MixRite injector, injected with concentrate and then diverted back into the main water flow.

Adjustment of chemical incorporated can be controlled either by closing / opening the gate valve or changing the injection percentage on the Dosmatic or MixRite.

Calibration is critical when using this configuration and is best suited to where the water flow through the main pipework is constant and regular.

Installation Manifold

Installing your water driven injector with an isolation manifold has good advantages.

Untreated water flows through the main irrigation pipework.
Simply turn the 2 lateral ball valves in the ‘On’ position and slowly turn the mainline ball valve into the off position and the water flow is diverted through the injector which then incorporates the desired concentrate into the irrigation flow.

If untreated irrigation water is required simply turn the main line ball valve to the ‘On’ position and the two lateral ball valves to the off position.

If your Injector requires servicing it is easily removed without disrupting your irrigation requirements.

An added advantage is the injector being lower than the main line will not drain and fill with air.
Air in the Injector or pipework can easily damage the motor piston assembly.



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