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    Dosing Systems Australia specializes in the importation and distribution of dosing equipment. We are distributors of dosing equipment, not contractors or fabricators.

    Formerly known as Dosmatic Australia ~ New Zealand, Dosing Systems Australia is a company concentrating on the distribution of chemical injection equipment whilst providing genuine customer care and support.

    There are two main types of dosing equipment; Volumetric and Electrical.

    Volumetric dosing or metering is governed by the flow of water going through the system. The entire water flow enters the doser and drives a reciprocating motor-piston or diaphragm which acts as a water measuring device. A syringe style mechanism is connected to the motor piston and injects a prescribed volume of concentrate per cycle of the motor piston or diaphragm. The flow of water can increase or decrease in volume but proportionally the same ratio of concentrate will be injected.

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    Electric metering pumps inject a prescribed volume of concentrate into a flow of liquid based on time, pulse or logic input from a controlling device. An electric metering pump does not interfere with the water flow as a volumetric metering pump does.

    Each type of dosing technology has its place in industry, both have advantages disadvantages.

    Dosing Systems Australia has the experience & expertise to assist and provide advice as to which technology suits your application or requirement.

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