Dosing Systems Australia are distributors of LMI Milton Roy metering pumps along with the Dosmatic range of water driven chemical injectors.
Formerly known as Dosmatic Australia~New Zealand, Dosing Systems Australia custom build water driven dosing systems and panels.
We are also Australia’s only certified service repair center for Dosmatic equipment.

G Series Pumps

LMI Milton Roy is the leading manufacturer of electronic Chemical Metering Pumps, Controllers, and accessories. Milton Roy’s Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm metering pumps are economical and robust. Dosing acids, bases and chlorinated products along with all traditional liquids. G Series Since 1998 MILTON ROY Mixing is the center of expertise in the agitation within the MILTON ROY group. Founded in 1895 under Robin Industries, Milton Roy Mixing is now among the top 10 worldwide manufacturers of agitators.

Systems & Panels

Water Driven Proportional
Chemical Injectors.
No electricity needed, the flow of water drives a motor piston to accurately inject a wide range of chemicals into the water flow.
The Chemilizer Water Driven Proportional Chemical Injector uses diaphragm technology to accurately inject chemicals into the water flow.
No electricity required
Plug and play water driven dosing systems built to your requirements
Mobile Trolleys, Manifolds & Panels.